Our Founder

Our Roots in Canada - Dr. John Gerald FitzGerald

Our founder, Dr. John G. FitzGerald (1882-1940), is an authentic healthcare visionary. The founder of Connaught Laboratories, the forerunner to Sanofi Pasteur, also founded the University of Toronto School of Hygiene. His life was devoted to developing a public health system that set an international standard of excellence.

Dr. FitzGerald's contributions to healthcare and vaccine development are chronicled by his grandson, James FitzGerald, in an engaging, highly personal article.

Read about our past and our founder, Dr. John G. FitzGerald, in Sins of the fathers, Toronto Life, February 2002.

Also watch a short video featuring James FitzGerald recounting the inspiring story of Dr. FitzGerald and the early years of Connaught Laboratories.