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Sanofi pasteur is strongly committed to maintaining your privacy when you visit our site. This Privacy Policy outlines the kind of information sanofi pasteur and its subsidiaries may collect while you visit our Web site and how sanofi pasteur uses such information. Some of the information we keep on our Web server is information that you volunteer to provide through forms and some is collected automatically. Unless you volunteer to submit personal data yourself, sanofi pasteur will not collect any information from which individual visitors can be identified nor will sanofi pasteur employ any technology that is aimed at identifying a visitor.

Information Automatically Collected and Stored

As many other companies do, sanofi pasteur also measures the performance of its site in order to improve and customize it in favor of our visitors. During your visit, sanofi pasteur automatically collects and temporarily stores the following information about your computer and your visit:

  • The domain and host from which you access the Internet
  • The Internet address of the Web site from which you linked directly to the sanofi pasteur and sanofi-aventis sites, if applicable
  • The date and time you arrived at our site and how long you spent on the site and which pages you visited
  • Your Internet protocol (IP) address and
  • Your computer's operating system and browser software

Sanofi pasteur may entrust third parties with the described performance measurement. In no event will we thereby acquire information on the individual identity of any visitor. Such third parties will be required to observe our privacy standards, to provide us only with aggregated information, to use the information collected only for the purposes for which they have been retained by sanofi pasteur, and to destroy the information afterwards.

Some sanofi pasteur Web sites may deposit certain bits of information called "cookies" in a visitor's computer. Generally, a cookie assigns a unique number to the visitor that has no meaning outside the assigning site. Cookies can tell us how and when pages in a Web site are visited and by how many people. This technology does not collect an individual visitor's identifying information; rather, this information is also in an aggregate form. The purpose of this technology and the information it provides is again to help us improve our Web sites. Most Web browsers allow the user to deny or accept the cookie feature. However, please note that cookies may be necessary to provide you with certain features (e.g. customized delivery of information) available on the sanofi pasteur site. Further information about cookies can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/info/cookies.htm.

Personal Information You Choose to Provide

Only when specifically requested by Web site visitors will the information we collect be used to respond to visitors' inquiries, fulfill e-mail messaging programs, and notify visitors about new content or services on our Web sites. If you decide you no longer wish to receive postal mailings and/or e-mails from us, please let us know by sending e-mail or writing to us and telling us you no longer wish to receive postal mail and/or e-mail. Please provide us with your exact name, postal address, and/or e-mail address. We will be sure your name is removed from our mailing list.

Sanofi pasteur will use personal information only for the purpose indicated to you when you provided it. Sanofi pasteur will not disclose, sell, rent or exchange such personally identifiable information to any other organization or entity unless the user is first notified and expressly agrees to it, or as otherwise required by law.

In order to employ "personalization" functionality, you will be asked to provide personal information (e.g. name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address). No material consequences will result from your refusal to submit such information except that you may not obtain the functionality or receive information you requested. At any time upon your request, sanofi pasteur will delete or modify personal information that you provided earlier.

Many of the preventive and educational materials and programs on our Web sites are designed to support your personal health and immunization goals. We recognize that certain health information is very personal and needs to be kept confidential. The information you provide while taking advantage of the healthy lifestyle tools - personal immunization or travellers recommandations - on our Web sites is kept confidential and is available only for your personal use. Our goal in offering these tools is to provide a valuable service to you to help you meet your healthy lifestyle and preventive goals through positive health habits and the correct use of our products.

If you have concerns or questions regarding the web site, please consult your local sanofi pasteur contact or use the contact form.

Sanofi pasteur reserves its right to amend this policy at any time. The privacy policy does not create any contractual or other legal right in or on behalf of any party.

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